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Repossessed House Requiring Modernisation – A Full Scale Property Refurbishment!

Today I went to see a repossessed house in Stoke on Trent which was listed as requiring modernisation.  Now the description “modernisation” can mean many things. I have seen houses where the property needs no more than a lick of paint to a property which requires a full scale rebuild….

The property I saw had not been lived in for a while. It was dirty, damp and full of unwanted belongings which were piled in the rooms:

I would definitely need a skip and some strong men to help me move all the junk from the property!

Although – the junk was the least of the issues as there was the small fact that some of the ceilings had collapsed and were now on the floor and covering the kitchen units:

And then as I entered the rear bedroom of the property I realised I had a rather larger problem as I walked across roof tiles…which were piled over the floors

And, of course, when I looked up I was not surprised to see the roof was missing!

  1. Roy

    Hi Sam pictures like that would put me off cause Iam just a beginner but I guess you could make it nice if you spent enough on it.

  2. Geoff

    An Architect friend of mine, who was working for British Coal at the time, was required to survey “repossessed” properties in Ashford, Kent. Of the 20 or so properties most had had roofs stripped of coverings and fittings ripped out and sold on.

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