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Landlords – How to Get a Bargain Buy-To-Let in London

Today I went to South London as I had seen a flat up for sale with views of the common. It sounded like it would be an ideal buy to let in London with a yield of 9%. It was a 1 bed in tidy condition – but the same could not be said of the communal areas.

Firstly – graffiti INSIDE the building is never a good sign…

Plus the amount of knocks and scrapes on the wall makes you wonder what goes on in here:

The building did not feel safe at all – which is probably why they have these huge barbed wire type fencing:

And is it any wonder in a high rise like this?

But the icing on the cake….and I just loved this….This is just so original and authentic 1970s…

Prepare to feast your eyes:

Carpeted walls!!!!  Now that has got to be a bargain for such retro originality 🙂

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