Bulldozing in Bournemouth? How to make the most of that plot!

12 Oct

Today I was in Bournemouth looking at a beautiful Edwardian Gentlemen’s residence – it was a gorgeous building with parking at the front, a lovely garden and tree top views.

Inside it had great proportions and some lovely features.  OK, so it was dated and had been used as a rooming house for years but it had a lovely grand feel

Unfortunately, the sums didn’t stack to turn it back into one family house.  Nor did they stack as a conversion project.  BUT they did stack as a bulldoze and start again project.  Just like the neighbouring block of flats which had been done some years previously:

However – planning has tightened since then and it’s difficult to get such high density without the necessary amenity space (car parking etc).  The planners were not keen at all….although they were accepting that the house could be replaced with an increased number of units.

Sadly the bank were even less keen – since the new build flat fiasco their lending criteria for projects like this make it almost impossible to finance.

The Edwardian house lives another day – I can’t raise the finance to replace it with my vision of Bournemouth town centre living!

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