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Today I saw a Kebab Shop in Peckham

Today I saw a freehold building which was arranged as a shop with ground floor space and a basement.

The catalogue entry reminded me of the flat in Brixton with the “disappearing” bedroom (see my blog entry)  Perfect I thought – with some planning and creative thinking I could max the square footage and get myself some extra resi units.

It was a good part of Peckham and I was feeling hopeful.

And so the lady opened the building for me…

And that was it….A kebab shop

With ground floor space and basement (which wasn’t even a basement):

I looked around in confusion andasked the posh lady viewer

“But where is the rest?”

The lady viewer – (who really didn’t want to be there and who had already complained about the grease particles in the air) looked at me sympathetically:

“What rest, dear? It is a shop that is for sale – but as you can see they have had planning refused to turn it into a sit down restaurant many times and so it will have to remain a takeaway”

“Oh I see” I stammer

I look around very unimpressed – I didn’t want to buy a kebab shop even if you could turn it into a sit down variety!!

I look back at my catalogue entry and realise I have misread the entry…it was always a kebab shop for sale – I think I just hoped it would be something more!!

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