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The Mouldy House of Horrors in London

Today I went to see a very ugly house….but I thought given it is so ugly maybe most people won’t bother going to see it !

To top it off it also had a flat roof which I know surveyors hate!

Anyway – I drove out to Plumstead to take a look….I had found out it had been with a local agent previously for 160k and had not sold (it was a repo so was now going to auction for a quick sale). It had a guide of £110k. Now I know Plumstead is outer London – but still £110k for a 2 bed in London sounds good value to me

On entering the property you are hit with a smell of damp…although it doesn’t look that bad:

Although this radiator looks pretty new and I’m sure it shouldn’t so rusty already!

And then you start up the stairs and you can see the damp spores on the hall….

And then in the first bedroom….

And the second bedroom….

And my God I was itching when I was in there – I swear the damp spores were in the air and were attacking me!

Anyway I decided that with a new roof and some treatment I could sort it – but meant I needed to buy it close to guide…sadly it sold for 10k more and so alas another purchase I did not make!

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