Today I met the Lord Mayor!!

3 Sep

Well today was rather exciting as I was invited to meet the Lord Mayor of Stoke on Trent to discuss regeneration in the area. I was chuffed to be asked as we have only recently relocated. Business is booming as well so that is extra fab!

On Sept 13th we start our major “facelift” of the building which should take us from a VERY ugly duckling to a Gorgeous Home – which, of course, is the name of our management company!

Here we are posing with the Lord Mayor in our office: (that’s Karen and Steve who work with me and are wonderful!)

Here we are with the company logo which was propped up behind the sofa….Karen and Steve kept warning me it would fall – I chose to ignore them as it would make a great photo…unfortunately it DID fall on the Lord Mayor when he stood up!!! EEEK

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