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How to survive basement living in London

Today I had a jam packed schedule as the auction season is starting to get into full swing after the summer lull.

I had spotted a few properties in London which I liked the look of – well – I liked the location, but I was rather disappointed to see they were all “lower ground floor”. I’ve never been a fan of “lower ground floor” or what I call basement living, but as the viewings were that afternoon I thought I may as well trundle along and stop being so closed minded – you never know there may be a diamond waiting to be mined out!

So here was a recently converted basement – the approach to the flat (past another two flats is a bit like a rabbit warren) and I was not sure how you would get furniture into this flat given the angled wall as you walk into the flat:

And the view out of the bedroom windows was uninspiring to say the least….

But failing that you could always look out of the lounge window (well if you had one) so we’ll just have to settle for the view from the kitchen window…Hmmm

So I’ve stuck to my guns – I’ll leave basement living for someone else!

    1. Sam

      And depressing…imagine looking out of the window in the morning and all you can see are dirty crisp bags and fab butts…not the best way to start the day!

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