On being a writer.

19 Oct

So being a writer is a really bloody lonely existence. You spend hours, days, weeks just sat looking at a screen tap-tap-tapping away with your own thoughts and moods driving you crazy. You write down a bunch of stuff you imagined happened, and then wonder: did that happen?

And then you spend the rest of the time wondering if the thing that happened should’ve happened, and if indeed, something else should’ve happened that would fit in better with the other thing that happened, and then you wonder again: what happened?

Being a writer is a very fine balance between living in this world and living out of this world. Oftentimes the two can’t really meet up, because when they do it bursts the bubble of the world you were in – and that can have terrible consequences. I don’t know off-hand how terrible you think that can be – but, for example, you could be there writing an exotically, heart-pounding love scene and the plumber calls to tell you the what-ya-mathing in the boiler at so-and-so property is bust and what to do about it, and you answer as you do, and then when you return to the love-making on screen and in scene, the sizzle has sozzled and you find yourself all out of sorts.

And this is the other difficulty in being a writer, because the ability to write is so bloody fragile I often wonder how anything at all gets written. It takes absolutely even-less-than-you-would-ever-think-possible to break the writing spell. And I think it is a spell, because when the magic of writing comes upon you, you just pour out so many words and pages upon pages of stuff that you feel so alive and on fire it makes your brain sing. Like really sing; really, really sing so loudly and so expansively that sometimes you think you may just well explode with the happiness of it all.

And then the fucking phone buzzes. Or the doorbell rings. Or the neighbour starts his saxophone practice and you’re all out of kilter again and you’re trying to get your buzz on, but it’s buzzed off.

Being a writer is a very fraught and anxious existence interspersed with what I can only describe as the happiest and most in-tune-with-yourself moments you will ever experience. And when you’re in the flow, or if you’ve ever known the flow, you long to return. You long to tappity-tap as though your fingers may fall off or grow numb with such tapping excitement.

Being a writer involves a constant sense of yearning, a longingness to be what you hope to be, to find that place of ‘flow’ where the words trip over themselves and onto the page and reach out to a reader who will nod and say “Yes!”

Being a writer means you always long for a reader, for a reader to read the words you have written. And, I guess, it’s enormously selfish. Because not only do you want the reader to read, but you also want them to react; to read and react.

And so in being a writer and true to my selfish streak I’m going to ask you to react in the comments below, or else to read more of my stuff – you can preview my debut novel Eternal Forever for free on Amazon.


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Do you want to be Eternal Forever?

16 Oct

You know we’ve all got so used to posting stuff online and being online that I wonder how many of us think about what they’ll do with their online profile when they’re dead?

You could say, “Nada – I’m going to be dead, I don’t give a shit.”

You could say, “Nada – until the socials go down, I’ll leave my profiles up.”

Or you could say, “Shit, I hadn’t really thought about that!”

Out of my small straw poll sample, the third option appears to be the most popular response. Which is surprising really – given how much time we devote to online.

And when I’m talking about online, I’m not just talking about social media stuff, I’m talking about all the digital stuff you do. Think banking, shopping, subscriptions, file sharing, loyalty schemes, storage, gaming – you name it and there’ll be a digital footprint of yours out there somewhere in the ether.

So what happens to this when you die?

Well, as I said above, fact is – most people haven’t even thought about this. And the worrying thing is, at some point, you are certainly going to die and when you do, it’s best to have an idea of what you wanted doing with your digital DNA.

Thing to consider for starters:

  • Are you OK with your family having access to your private emails and messages?
  • Do you want your Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ LinkedIn/ Etc. account to be memorialised or closed down after you die?
  • Have you got any images or accounts you’d rather not share after death?
  • Did you have anything you wanted to keep secret?

The thing to remember in all of this, is that online life after death is not a very private affair. Everything you’ve done will leave a digital footprint – and those memories will be there for people to search, trace, track and reveal.

And so perhaps take a moment to think: are you happy with your digital legacy? Is the ‘you’ that’s online the ‘you’ that you want to be Eternal Forever?


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Hello! I know it’s been years, but here’s an update!

10 Jul

So it’s been like years since I last updated this blog, but I thought I’d write a quick update of life so far and what’s been going on.

The really big and exciting news is that I have a debut novel coming out!!


Eternal Forever is a genre-busting murder mystery and thrilling start-up adventure.

The main characters are Mack Majors, the Marketing Director of Eternal Forever, the UK’s first digital legacy management agency and Jessie Adams, overnight popstar sensation, who’s on the run because her manager’s been murdered. There’s loads of action and funny moments – and if you look deeper – quite a lot of stuff that may make you think differently about how you do things online.

I really loved writing about Eternal Forever and got very carried away with the whole adventure. I adore my characters and my company so much – but who wouldn’t when you have a cool hero running an agency who looks after people’s online profiles when they’re dead!

I hope you love it too!

In other news, I’m still active in property and tenant shenanigans keep me firmly rolling around. I’ve also been lucky enough to have enjoyed many adventures overseas including sailing in the Caribbean, touring through India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines and visiting many countries in Europe and even participating in an archaeological dig!


Life, as they say, is for living – and I’ve been doing that 🙂

I’m sure in these past few years I’ve had many disasters and bad days when it comes to property, but I choose to focus on the freedom property gives me. Being a property investor is such a privileged occupation; we get to create and share homes for people.

For now, I’m enjoying the thrill of owning a digital start-up – even if it is only in my head! I’m quite sure one day someone will do this, you can click here to see what I think Eternal Forever’s website might look like!

If you do nothing else than read this, in the words of Mack, remember:

“Every day thousands of Facebook users die. What is happening to those people’s profiles? What is happening to their virtual footprint, their digital legacy, their online DNA that they’ve left scattered about the internet?”

“Email accounts, online banking, music, film subscriptions, file storage, cryptocurrencies, social media accounts – these bytes of data have real consequences and can be a target for hackers. That’s why Eternal Forever’s role is so important, people need to get their digital assets in order – they are just as important, if not more important, than their stuff in the real world.”

If you do want to buy the book, it’s available in paperback and Kindle here

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Why I Am Saying Goodbye, For Now

11 Mar

goodbye for now

So writing this post is sad.

And the decision to do it has not been easy – especially not when I’ve got so many super cool stories (and so many more in the pipeline) that I want to share with you.

However, I’m off to start living new adventures and so I’m officially taking a sabbatical…as of now!

You may remember I was meant do this before when I sold the lettings business, but then I got busy writing…and a blog post turned into a book or two!

And life has a habit of racing around you and before you know it, years have passed and you didn’t do what you meant to do.

Which is why I am taking a step back and saying: “Woah, hold on there life – I wasn’t quite ready for you to go so quick!”

So I’m grabbing back control and going off grid for a while.  I’ve got some cool ideas, adventures and travel plans.  There are so many people I want to see, chat with…places to dine, drink, dance…fun to make and experiences to be had.

So this is Goodbye, For Now.

Thank you so much for all your support, love and encouragement over the past few years, it’s been awesome.

Until next time x

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HTTP 404 Not Found Error: 10 Reasons You Did Not Expect To Be Here!

10 Mar

If you’ve found this page, chances are, you probably weren’t expecting this.

That’s what a recent check of my search terms has taught me.  And they make for interesting reading (hmm how sad does that make me sound!)

Anyway, I’m happy you’ve found me – whether you’re here on purpose or by accident.

Here are my favourite search terms for how people find What Sam Saw Today:

pigs that are Bulgarian

I don’t remember writing about Bulgarian pigs, but 30 squillion of you can’t be wrong


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